Differences Between Democrats and Republicans

The Republican and Democratic Party have always held different beliefs on various issues, as it should be in a democracy.  However, the divide between these two parties have grown wider in the past few years, triggering constant streams of allegations, attacks, and negative vitriol against each other.  Today, the two parties not only disagree on the solutions to various problems in the country, but also seem to disagree on what the problems are in the first place.

Keep in mind that both the parties have dramatically shifted their position on issues over the 150-plus years that they have been competing.  This discussion only takes into account the current difference between the two parties. Here is a look at these differences:

On Abortion

The Democrats supports the safe and legal abortion as well as affordable family planning services.  It believes that the ultimate decision for abortion rests on the woman.  On the other hand, the Republican Party believes that an unborn child also has rights that need to be protected.  It supports the extension of the fundamental right to live for fetuses as well, and opposes coverage of abortion procedures in public or private healthcare programs.

Marriage Equality

The Democratic Party supports equality in marriage and opposes the Defense of Marriage Act that says that marriage can only be recognized between a man and woman.  The Republican Party, however, has supported this Act and believes that marriage is defined as a union between man and woman.  Nevertheless, the stance of the party has begun to change in recent times as more people accept equality in marriage rights.


In keeping with its belief of minimal government involvement, the Republican Party opposes the Affordable Care Act and supports efforts by private insurance companies to enroll more people in their policies.  It gives greater freedom to insurance companies, while the Democrats have made its first major push towards an universal healthcare system with its Affordable Care Act.

Gun Control

In recent years, gun-related violence has been covered more often by the news and other media, and this brings to light the opposing views of Democrats and Republicans.  The former believe in stronger and stricter regulations than the present ones to make guns more restrictive and prevent it from falling into dangerous hands.  The Republican Party, however, believes in maintaining the status quo on gun control regulations.


The education system in the United States is facing a number of issues. Its current structure is in need of change.  The Republican Party supports a more conservative school structure like single-sex classes, full-day school hours, etc.  The Democrats believe in developing a more progressive education structure.  The biggest issue related to education, however, is that of college student loans.

The Democrats believe in making college more affordable, and to this effect the current President has passed laws that offer more money and grants to students.  The Republican Party, however, opposes these laws on the basis that the government should not give out student loans directly.  It should, however, promote private sector loan providers to issue student loans.

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